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Welcome to my shop! My name is Staci Devlin and I am the creator, designer, and owner of copper moon jewelry. I have been a jewelry artist for over 25 years and discovered my passion for metalsmithing while studying at Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle, WA. I have spent numerous years as an instructor in Seattle teaching classes on jewelry making and inspiring my students to find their creative voices.

My personal medium of choice is copper because of its energetic properties, and its ability to interact easily with other elements, metals, and semi precious stones. I also love to work with other various metals and leather. I draw my inspiration from nature, architecture, my travels around the world, the goddess within, and divine universal energy. When designing my pieces I really try to capture a feeling that relates to the piece itself, putting all of my intentions and creative force into it. Each unique piece is handcrafted by me and I take pride in only using quality materials and hand picked stones. My style is organic in nature with an effortless bohemian vibe.